Clear Aligners - a series of transparent aligners to realign teeth.

Clear Aligners make the cut for their invisible, removable splints born out of thin, transparent plastic. They can be easily changed every two weeks, sparing users the tedious task of heavy maintenance. Each Clear Aligner is unique as it is customized for the patient's teeth. Remove them while eating or drinking. They permit pursuit of one's own regimen of oral hygiene measures.there is absolutely no need to spend long hours at the clinic negotiating conventional brackets and wire adjustments.

Advantages for the patient

  1. No metal brackets or wires which may cause irritation or friction inside the mouth.
  • Almost invisible and transparent splints.
  • Hygienic as it can be taken off easily to clean.
  • Easily removable-does not affect eating habits.
  • Highly biocompatible.
  • Hassle free speech and smile.
  • Blends with lips and cheeks.
  • The final result can be envisioned before treatment starts.
  • Fewer and shorter appointments required.
  • Time-saving correction of misplaced teeth..
  • The biomechanical functionality of teeth is planned.
  • Indications

    For midline space closing

    for correction of mild to moderate crowding of anterior teeth

    To correct a deep bite

    To correct open bite