Whether it’s a meeting with a client over lunch, dining out in weekends, dinner from a neighbourhood carry out.We all love eating outside. But are these food choices affecting our health? Making us sick the very next day? So, here are some tips which you can blindly follow, whenever dining out.

  • Make careful menu selections: Take time to read menu thoroughly. Avoid dishes which are buttery, creamy, cooked in white sauce, pan fried or fried

  • If you are new to the restaurant, don’t place your order in a hurry. Go through the menu so that you don’t end up eating something unhealthy

  • Always order small portions and limited dishes to start with. Share and then order again according to appetite. This would prevent overeating and wastage of food

  • Eat mindfully which means stop yourself before you feel full and chew your food thoroughly which will keep a balance in your digestion and satisfaction process

  • Try and customize your meal. Go for options which shows steamed, boiled, roasted, grilled. You can always ask dressing as a side dish so that you can pour over your salad according to your requirement.Order soups without cream or heavy dressing

  • For drinks, you can order some lemon oriented drink like fresh lime

  • At buffets: We generally eat more in order to get money worth. Always choose fresh salads, steamed vegetables, soups and then go for some main course which is less oily. In this way you will never end up overeating