The Function of Food

Food is the very foundation to how your child develops from the very beginning, both physically and mentally. We, as a society have become lazy and have stopped cooking for our children. More than 50% of the food our children consume comes from processed food (packaged, canned and bottled food). It is, therefore, important to understand the function of food.  

Food is used for both nutrition and social function. Nutrition encompasses the energy, repair, maintenance and growth of the body. The social function of food, on the other hand, defines how we grow as an individual. Food is a function of care, communication and celebration. Sharing a meal with your friends and family, your perception of what defines having a good time, changes with the kind of social setting you put your child in. Eating habits start developing from the second year of birth. There is no regulation to what our children can view on television in terms of advertisements of processed foods and children often start associating modes of celebration, by going to nearby burger and pizza joints. Sugary treats become a way of dealing with stress. It becomes a part of our core belief. 

Understanding Nutrition for your child Nutrition, as stated above is used to fuel, grow, repair and maintain the body. Here are some tips to follow:

1. Keep your children away from processed food. Processed food is full of salt, sugar, emulsifiers, preservatives and fats. Companies do this to preserve their food longer and India does not have very strong regulations or research to control the same. These items are also added to improve the texture of the product which further appeals to children. I know it is not possible to keep the children 100% free from processed food but create an eco-system where cooking and eating healthy home food becomes a part of how they celebrate things. This will go a long way in developing your child. 

2. Water balance! A large chunk of our body is water. Keep things hydrated. 

3. Build a meal around portions of fruits and vegetables. Then come around to other proteins and fats. Decide which vegetables you want your child to have and then work around what protein you can serve and what fat you can add to make it tasty and healthy. 

4. The Fiber network. Fiber is one the most important things you teach your child’s body. Train your child’s internal gut with fibre. The child will learn how to be satisfied with his meals because he gets good fibre and that will become a part of his habits and will also shape the human he becomes as he grows. You will be surprised to see how nutritional psychology is one the most important traits of a grown individual. 

The Biopod Revolution

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The Biopod

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