Festivities and celebrations through October till December! Late nights, irregular, erratic diet and sleep patterns take a toll on your skin! 

Start the festive season with a skin glow plan! The 5 steps to ensure a radiant and fresh skin are: 

1. Cleanse.Tone.Moisturise: use a correct ph balanced and non greasy cleanser and clean your face at least twice a day. Tone with a good aloe-vera based toner. Moisturise and keep the skin supple.  

2. Exfoliate: to remove dead cells and patchy skin, use a nice papaya or banana oatmeal scrub.  

3. Hydrate: drink enough water and hydrate with tender coconut water and pro biotic buttermilk. 

4. Sun block: use natural turmeric milk or saffron milk to wash off tan, at least once a day! 

5. Fruits & Vegetables: eat five different portions of fruits and veggies daily! Make it colourful and fun!