Before you step out to enjoy the festival of colours,follow these steps to protect you skin, hair, nails and eyes.

  • Skin: apply moisturizer mixed with sunscreen spf 15-30(which is sufficient for indian skin type) at least 20 minutes before stepping out  to all exposed parts of body to avoid skin damage and prevent sun tanning.
  • Lips: apply coat of vaseline on your lips (this may prevent chapped and multi colored lips when you reach office next morning!)
  • Hair: apply coconut or olive oil and tie up hair(if they are long enough!) to prevent damage to hair shaft from harmful colours.
  • Nails: cover all nails with nail paint (boys can use transparent paint!)
  • Eye care: avoid contact lenses (colour can get between lenses and eyes and cause irritation or infection) and glasses too(if you can!) to prevent injury from frame of glasses. Use natural herbal colours (like herbal gulaal...Which feels soft powdery) and avoid harsh chemicals as many people are allergic to it (it leaves your skin dry and itchy)

Tips for cleansing:

  • Avoid very hot water, dettol, kerosene or spirit(this will only add to already damaged colored skin!)
  • Do not rub vigorously or wash repeatedly while attempting to remove colours (you might end up removing your skin layer!)
  • Use mild cleanser and shampoo to clean gently (few stains may take up to one week to clear if colour has penetrated deep into the skin)
  • Applying coconut oil to hair post wash can prevent dry and frizzy hair.

Enjoy this day to the most.Hope you can use these tips and wish you all skin-friendly holi!