Since eternity mankind has longed for whiter teeth, broader smile and ways to get them done. Bleaching of the teeth is a method to correct or improve the shade of the teeth, and is also the least expensive esthetic treatment option. 

There are various causes for the discolouration of the teeth and its of utmost significance to fathom the root cause of the problem before embarking on the treatment plan as that would ascertain the degree to which bleaching will improve tooth colour, since some stains are more responsive to the process than others. 

Discolouration of the teeth may be extrinsic or intrinsic.

Extrinsic stains usually result from the accumulation of colour inducing substances on the external tooth surface. Extrinsic colour normally occur due to poor oral hygiene maintenance, ingestion of colour inducing food and drinks and even tobacco use. Most of these extrinsic tooth stains can be removed by routine prophylactic procedures of scaling. These stains are responsive to bleaching even after they have hardened over a period of time.

Intrinsic stains are the result of deeper internal stains or even the enamel defects. They are caused by ageing, ingestion of chromatogenic food and drinks, tobacco usage, enamel microcracks, tetracycline medication, excessive fluoride ingestion, severe jaundice in infancy, porphyria, dentalcaries, restorations, and the thinning of the enamel layer. 

Ageing too is a common cause of discolouration of the teeth. Overtime, the underlying layers in the teeth tend to darken and the outer layer becomes thinner. This combination often results in darker teeth. Intrinsic stains cannot be removed by regular prophylactic procedures. However, they can be reduced by bleaching with agents penetrating enamel and dentin to oxidize the chromogens. 

Tooth stains caused by ageing, genetics, smoking, or coffee are the fastest to respond to bleaching. Yellowish ageing stains respond quickly to bleaching in most cases. Based on the studies that have been made, it has been concluded that the use of lasers in tooth whitening is an effective ways to bleach the teeth. 

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