Cataract is more known term to everybody, it is loss of transparency of human natural lens due to denaturation of lens proteins which starts after age of 35 and above, but it may congenital , traumatic in childhood and adults. Cataract is first most cause of blindness all over world.

Diabetic patients are more prone to early cataract formation. Frequent steroid use also induce early cataract.

Symptoms of cataract are diminished vision, difficulty in reading far and near, frequent changing of glasses, watering of eyes.

Treatment: Vision hampering cataract cured only with surgery with intro-ocular artificial lens implant. It is false assumption that cataract need to be removed only after it matures but new surgical procedures with phaecoemulsification and femtosecond laser have excellent visual outcome in early immature cataracts than mature cataracts.

Surgery is the only treatment of cataract & it should be done as early as possible to avoid its serious complication.