Don’t we all wish to have a beautiful and radiant smile? But not all of us are blessed with good teeth. So sometimes we need help of dentist to make them look more beautiful. Our smile also affects our face and personality. A beautiful smile boosts our confidence. Dental pain if neglected can turn into severe and unbearable pain. We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth and have regular dental visits. But sometimes life takes over and there are other things which take over priority than oral health. This change of priority should not happen because of financial reasons.

With new technological advances happening globally in the field of dentistry, new and better treatment options are available to patients. These treatment options help us to provide patients with better quality care. At the same time due to use of recent technology the cost of some dental treatments also increases. Also the cost of delivering dental treatment is increasing due to adoption of internationally recognized standards and protocols. This deprives few patients of ideal dental treatment and they land up in choosing compromised dental treatment options for themselves or family members. It is always advisable for patients to opt for ideal treatment options. Sometimes it is not possible for patients to pay the complete treatment charges within a short span of time.

Bajaj Finserv provides finance at 0 % rate of interest and EMI payment options in many fields like eye care, maternity care, bariatric surgery. They have now started with 0 % rate of interest finance and EMIs payment option in dental care too. We are glad that Bajaj Finserv has approved our clinic to provide our patients with Life Care Finance which gives our patients the liberty to pay for dental treatment in form of 0 % rate of interest finance and EMIs.

This will not only serve as a solution for the financial hurdle in getting ideal, timely dental treatment but also support the cashless movement we Indians are going through.

Now there won’t be any need to suppress your wish to have that beautiful smile, no need to ignore that painful tooth. You can make sure that dental health never takes a back seat in your life ever again. Our aim is to provide and care better for our patients.

Lets #GoCashless