In recent era there is lot of competition in each & every field, due to this lifestyle of People & food they are consuming has also been changed. Due to this changes, many new diseases are been introduced by our self only.

In this era women's are reaching the sky, almost in each & every field. But due to this stress, tensions & responsibilities their daily routine has been completely changed result of this Many hormonal changes has been in their body, so they are suffering from problems such as Infertility, PCOS, Fibroid, Irregular Menses, scanty Menses, Painful Menstruation, Miscarriage etc. 

Generally during Menstrual cycle, the 4 day of period means 4 days of bleeding, in which all women's should take rest, Because in this condition the uterus is wounded the blood comes out by Scratching the endometrial (layer of uterus) outside,so in this 4 days every women should take rest, No bath (But you can do Sponging), No Sexual Contact, should sleep alone on Mat/Woolen Mat, should not wear Jewellery, Not to do Make up. Should take Ayurvedic laxative, Consume Milk, eat Simple food. Should Not eat Pototes, Rice, Poha, groundnuts, overnight food, Bakery Products & fermented food.