Most of us including many doctors are caught unaware when it comes to managing a newborn baby, creating a lot of confusion and dilemmas to the nursing mother .I would like to focus on major dos and don'ts of handling your bundle of joy .

Breastfeeds or Artificial feeds 

Breastfeeds are the best to the baby a fact which has been proven beyond doubt. And there is nothing like milk secretion is less and so on. Whatever secretion you get is sufficient for your kid and sucking only improves milk secretion so be sure that you give the best to your baby  and don't forget to feed him exclusively till 6 months with breastfeeds and continue it till 2 years for the best growth of your little one 

Bathing your kid 

Ideally sponging with lukewarm water is advised in the initial two weeks of life beyond which your kid is  ready for regular bathing. Its better to avoid head bathing till your kid is around a month old and be sure that you don't attempt blowing the nose which is harmful to your kid. A word of caution is that for low birth weight newborns you better consult your doctor regarding bathing.


Massaging with oil is a health practice and little ones love them ,but be sure that you dont use mustard oil or mineral oil.

Soaps and powder 

It's ideal to use mild soap so that it doesn't affect the acid mantle covering the skin. Ideally soaps would be Dove, Daffy, Dermadew, Teddy bar etc. As far as it goes its better to avoid powders.