Most patients in intensive care unit are seen to have compromised cardiopulmonary function. It makes it the top most concern for intensive care team to recognize and treat any such anomaly. Other than medications, other equipments and techniques can help in treating such respiratory compromise. Following facilities should be available in your ICU to treat the disease and complications related to it:

Ventilation devices

Oxygen support and mechanical ventilation is crucial in any ICU set up. Patients who are unable to breathe and maintain oxygen in blood require ventilation to reduce work of breathing. As the person recovers and starts maintaining his oxygen level ventilation can be minimized and then removed.

Monitoring devices

ICU patients constantly require monitoring of vital parameters like oxygen levels in blood, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Regular chest X-rays and arterial blood gases monitoring can help in giving a deep insight of patient’s condition and treatment is decided according to it.


Many times, patient cannot cough out secretions that get accumulated in lungs. Its needs to be removed by suction or it may obstruct the airway and reduce oxygen levels. Suction is also required to take sputum samples which can help to diagnose patient’s condition.

Chest and limb physiotherapy

Chest physiotherapy is done to maintain airways by teaching patient breathing exercises and passive chest clearance techniques are used especially in unconscious patient’s so that breathing becomes easier. Limb physiotherapy is also done to avoid weakness and joint stiffness.