Do you have 

Swollen Hand or Leg or face (LYMPHOEDEMA)?

Joint Pain ?

Thinning of Bones?

Balance and Co ordination problem ?


General Weakness?

Gripping Problem ?

Difficulty in Swallowing ?

Slurred Speech and Difficulty in Hearing?

These can be the Early or Late side effects of Chemotherapy,Radiation Therapy or any Cancer Surgeries.

COREL (Centre for Onco Rehab with Expertise in Lymphoedema) introduces a Multidisciplinary team approach where trained Physiotherapist,Occupational Therapist,Lymphoedema Therapist,Speech Swallow and Language Pathologist play a major role in managing oll of the above problems efficiently

Our Goal :

to restore the quality of life of the Cancer survivors to get them back to their normal lives as soon as possible.


Excessive accumulation of protein rich fluid in the tissue spaces caused by impaired lymphatic drainage system (Swelling of Hand/Leg/Face/Chest/Genital areas)

                                                                 Lymphoedema of Leg

At COREL we are introducing COMPLETE DECONGESTIVE THERAPY (CDT) for Lymphoedema Management

CDT Includes Skin Care,Exercise Therapy,Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD),Multilayered Lymphoedema Bandaging (MLLB)

We Deal Rehabilitation after

Breast Surgery

Ovarian,Cervix,Prostate,Colon Cancer Surgeries

Head, Neck and Oral Cancer Surgeries.