Because of attention being focused on Coronavirus-related information, we cannot forget routine fevers that are prevalent during the coming months will bring along Heat, Dust, Rain & Big Fat Blood-Sucking Mosquitoes.

Let us remind ourselves about the prevalence of diseases in and around Delhi/NCR during Summers, starting from April and lasting till the end of November and beyond.

  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Typhoid
  • Cholera
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Urinary Tract Infections ( UTI )
  • Fevers of Unknown Origins /Pyrexia of Unknown Origin ( PUO )

Viral Fevers are different types, but are limited and can cause confusion because there is No Specific Treatment Available For Dengue, Chikungunya, Flu( has hundreds of types & each one keeps mutating, changing size and shape rapidly).

Routine treatment for Any Fever is-

Paracetamol 500 mg, 8 hourly for a healthy adult & for kids, according to their weight. ( Do Not Disturb the sleeping patient because The Dose is Due after 8 hours. 8 Hours can be extended to 10-12 hours. )

Some Antiallergic tablets as it is safe from lots of allergens present within the system and in the outside air.

Chlorpheniramine and Promethazine are safest compared to the Newer ones available over the counter which may Not Be Liver Friendly Anti-allergic medicines.

Combine Anti allergics with Paracetamol

Liquids as Nourishment. Choices are Plenty-

  • Diluted Milk as a Beverage of choice along with fat-free biscuits like Marie or Parle G
  • Warm water with honey ( Honey is antiseptic and moisturizing also)
  • Fresh lemon juice+ Glass of water+ Pinch of salt+ A bit of sugar
  • Coconut Water ( Works well to Replenish depleting body fluids)
  • Light nourishment helps the stomach to work less to digest the foods and indirectly helps the Liver to Regenerate
  • Citrus Fruits & Other Soft Fruits & Salads
  • Adults and kids above 2 years need not be given ORS in sachets.

Avoid foods that cause distention and discomfort. 

Maida is hard carbohydrates, Pulses & cooked Non-Veg are hard proteins & Fats need to be AVOIDED for a Quicker Recovery.

Hygiene to be Maintained by Bath/ Sponging and wearing only Cotton clothes.

Sweat has germs that get evaporated, causing infection to others and to Self as Auto infection.

Bath is as important as Medicines.

Restful life for a minimum of 3 days.

It is a Holistic Approach to the routine fevers, prevalent during Summers of Delhi/NCR

9 out of 10 Fevers Recover

Give Routine Antibiotics Only if On Day 4 of Fever blood test shows indication of Typhoid & Other bacterial infections

Malaria is a parasitic infection & parasite is seen on a slide made with a thick layer of blood

Chances of missing the parasite on routine blood tests are more because the parasite keeps circulating during the bouts of chills along with high fever.

If 2 tablets of Chloroquine are given, the side effects of this medicine are lesser than the side effects of rising fevers after day 4.

Observe for symptoms.

If fever comes down, a complete course of 10 tablets can be given during the next 3 days.

On Day 4 of fever not getting corrected, how many patients can afford a specific Antigen test for Malaria & How Many labs are Offering this Facility?

Not Many labs are available for our masses

Communication with family is important though.