We live in a fast paced world today...we are so busy with everything happening around us that we just don't have time for ourselves!!! So what do we end up with STRESS! Stress has become an inseparable part of our lives. All of us knowingly or unknowingly go through a lot of situations which build up stress.

So now the question is- Can Stress Damage Your Teeth? It can, it surely can!

But how can this happen? When stressed up, we tend to clench our teeth. This create wrong kind of forces on the teeth..this eventully after certain years lead to wearing out of teeth!! Apart from clenching, a more severe and damaging effect of stress is Bruxism. This is basically grinding of teeth that happens when a person is sleeping..hence is unaware of doing anything like this!! During grinding of teeth, one exerts 400 times more pressure than chewing, so you can Imagine!

The excess pressures on the teeth wear out the enamel slowly, eventually the inner layers of  the teeth too are damaged! Also these may lead to problems in the jaw joint!

Also because of stress, systemic problems like Acidity happen. This leads to higher chances of decay and erosion of teeth.

All these can lead to mild to severe sensitivity also!

But the good news is...we can stop all of this!

First an foremost, take out some time for yourself and start enjoying one life that we have got! Secondly, please visit your dentist and get a splint made!

Have a happy life and healthy teeth!