Is it not interesting to note the fact that the food we eat daily plays a tremendous role in stress? Yes, the foods that cause stress are termed in the medical field as "pseudostressors" or "sympathomimetics." They are so called since they act on that part of the nervous system, which is related to stress reactions. At the same time, the food we eat can also reduce the stress in us. Hence, we can say that the food is the best and worst medicine for stress.

Coffee, Tea & Cola

First, let us start with pseudostressors. These foods trigger stress if we use them regularly in our life. For example, caffeine that is present in Coffee, tea and cola is a pseudostressor. Many stress-related disorders and psychological disturbances, including anxiety states, depression and psychosis are caused by the habitual drinking of coffee, tea and cola. It is proved that these beverages can also cause thickening of blood, digestive disorders and metabolic imbalance. Though these drinks are said to release stress, the stimulants like caffeine and theo bromine in these drinks aggravates stress and worsens sleeplessness. Moreover, tea and coffee worsens peptic ulcer that is associated with stress.

Sugar & Carbohydrates

Apart from these beverages, refined sugar and carbohydrates are also stressors. Intake of more sugar in short period can cause hypoglycemia, which is marked by headache, dizziness, anxiety, trembling and irritability. When body is over stressed, it is difficult for the digestive system to process the heavy foods like carbohydrates. Heightened blood sugar level can cause emotional instability.

Junk Foods

The more popular food of today, junk foods and fast foods are also stressors. It is said that the tartarzine, emulsifiers, flavor-enhancers, stabilizers and preservatives used in these processed foods can cause severe damage to the central nervous system thereby affecting childhood hypersensitivity, attention deficit disorder and certain allergies.


Egg yolks contain high percentage of cholesterol and should be avoided in stress which itself increase the cholesterol levels. Other fat containing foods like Butter, cheese, coconut oil cashews, almonds and meat are to be avoided for similar reasons.

During stressful conditions, carbon dioxide and lactates accumulates more resulting in a condition called acidosis, which is detrimental to health. Sodium Benzoate that is an ingredient in beverages also stimulates hypertension, which is also associated with stress.

Alcohol & Stress

Alcohol is a major cause of stress. Alcohol and stress, in combination, are quite deadly.Alcohol stimulates the secretion of adrenaline resulting in the problems such as nervous tension, irritability and insomnia. Excess alcohol will increase the fat deposits in the heart and decrease the immune function. Alcohol also limits the ability of the liver to remove toxins from the body. During stress, the body produces several toxins such as hormones. In the absence of its filtering by the liver, these toxins continue to circulate through the body resulting in serious damage.

The irony of the situation is that most people take to drinking as way to combat stress. They make it worse by consuming alcohol

Balanced Diet

Eating anything balanced will not affect one in anyway. In balanced diet, we can also have carbohydrates. Experts say that a cup full of white rice or a baked potato is enough to relieve the anxiety of a stressful day.

Stress also causes cramps and constipation. If we have the practice of having fiber rich foods like fruits, vegetables and grains, we can avoid these deadly stressful diseases.

Summing up, we can say that eating foods rich in vitamin and mineral content like fruits, green vegetables and grains and avoiding fat foods, junk and fast foods, coffee, tea and alcohol result in a stress free daily life.