Drinking warm water offers numerous benefits for the body-

1.  Speeds up digestion

2. Heats up the body, therefore increases metabolism

3. Causes you to sweat a lot, hence remove toxins from the body

4. Improves blood circulation by enlarging blood vessels, more oxygen to body parts, organs function better and helps in healing 

5. Help in sinus problems

6. Relieve from constipation

7. One more reason to drink warm water, which slightly warmer than room temperature is that it is a stress reliever

8. It helps soothe a sore throat and liquefy the thick mucous 

In corona infection, a rise in body temperature (fever) is considered as the body’s protective mechanism. Hence whether a rise in body temperature due to drinking warm water is definitely not curative treatment in COVID-19 disease but it helps in increasing the body’s defense system. Scientists from all over the world are studying it.

There is no evidence that drinking warm water treats coronavirus disease but it is proved that it increases human immunity to prevent you from becoming sick.