The old wife tales state: 

                                  “For every child, she bears the mother loses a tooth”

      The saying is indeed a myth. However, there is a general belief that poor oral health at the time of pregnancy is normal. Ergo, there is an overall neglect of oral care during pregnancy & its effect on pregnancy outcomes.

      A shift in hormonal levels during pregnancy can affect the way your body responds to the bacterial attack. This easier plaque buildup thus early chances of tooth decay and gum diseases (known as periodontitis). Bad breath, bleeding, swollen or tender gums are the few signs of this condition. 

      Studies have shown that 70% of females develop gum diseases during pregnancy. Researchers in past few years have shown that gum disease in mother during pregnancy is significantly associated with the risk of early birth and low birth weight of the child.

Poor gum health is associated with Thin & Weak Babies

Microbes from the infected gums can enter the bloodstream and affect the developing baby due to infection and inflammation thereby triggering an early labor. 

Visit your dentist before planning for pregnancy

Here are some tips which you can use before you become pregnant:

  1. Visit your dentist for general checkup·       
  2. Getting decayed teeth filled & professional cleaning of teeth.Thereby reducing bacterial load & chances of dental emergency during pregnancy.
  3. Visiting your dentist for professional cleaning of teeth & untreated cavities.
  4. Use of products such as chewing gum containing xylitol·
  5. Brushing your teeth twice a day·       
  6. Rinsing after each meal/ snacking·       
  7. Use of water instead of carbonated drinks. 

Keeping your mouth healthy before & during pregnancy can improve the chances of having a healthy baby.


                                            Wish you happy and healthy pregnancy!!

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