Beautiful breasts are those which are proportionate to rest of the body in size and have a teardrop shape with a cleavage between the breasts. Going by the sale of padded bras at any lingerie shop one can easily conclude that a lot of women  have smaller breasts than they desire. Padded bras look unnatural and solve the problem only partially . Breast implants are adopted by millions of women worldwide, to look naturally beautiful since 1960. Today it is the number one plastic surgery in the world. But are the implants safe? There are a lot of misinformation on internet about breast implants. Let's look at  the  important myths that Indian women have :

1. Silicon Implants can cause breast cancer: Breast carcinoma is not related to breast implants. 

2. Silicon implant  have side effects: There are no side effects on body related to breast implants.

3. Breast feeding may be affected after breast implants: No , breast glands and milk production is not  affected by implants.

4. Breast implants look too big and unnatural: Breast implants come in different sizes and they look and feel very natural when performed by an experienced surgeon.

5. Breasts grow big by themselves with pregnancy and breastfeeding: Yes breasts do grow big under influence of hormones during pregnancy. But when woman stops breastfeeding they shrink again, and also sag . Sorry to disappoint you girls . 

6. Surgery is risky: Breast implant surgery is a daycare surgery. Choose your surgeon , anaesthetist and hospital facility carefully to get a safe and beautiful outcome.