Immunity has always been in question for the convenient urban lifestyle which is often exposed to so many allergens and harmful dust particles leading to various health complications on a daily basis. Human Immune System primarily functions anamnestically - that is, by remembering a previous encounter with the disease or germ in question and building up an army of antibodies to respond to the health battle accordingly. Though, this system was efficient for a natural lifestyle, things aren’t the same anymore. With urbanisation, our lifestyle has suffered a drastic change in the efficiency of our immune system that is more on the downhill side of our health status. A decreasing air quality clouding the urban scenario and a comfortably protected indoor living style does little to make the situation better. So what do you do in such adverse circumstances where your health is literally subjected to strong risks pertaining little dramatic changes to control the root cause?

Understanding Your Body’s Immunity Machinery

Your immunity primarily depends on the white blood cells and lymphocytes along with the right balance of antigens and antibodies built by B-lymphocyte and T-lymphocytes. To simplify, the answer to your immunity predicament lies within your body as the machinery is well adept with a fighting temperament. Though, your army to fight your health battle has the force, it needs more ‘funds’ to expand its power in case of a deadly battle against the urban complications you’re subjected to - implying that you need a boost of natural herbs that can strengthen your army of lymphocytes and WBCs to produce more number of antibodies.

 Ayurveda Has An Answer To Your Immunity Predicaments!

Since time immemorial, Ayurveda has promoted the intake of immune boosting herbs in the form of Chyawanprash and a composition of balanced diet incorporating natural diets. Not only this, our scriptures has mentioned a regular physical exercise to help your body function normally and not fall susceptible to any medical conditions easily.  Simple steps with Ayurveda and Yogasanas can do so much for your immunity and save thousands on your medical bills. If you’ve not started yet, seek out an informed consultation with us.