Health issues crop up at very tender ages now-a-days. A number of reasons can be attributed to it major ones being poor dietary habits and choices and lack of physical activities. The major health issue faced by teenagers and the remedies their remedies through food are as follows: 

-Obesity: - The exposure to junk foods and their easy availability make the situation worse for the kids as they are high are high in calories and fats. The only respite would be to put the children into some activities and offer them variety in food at home itself. The food choices would vary from vegetables and fruits to lean meats and lentils. A fruit like a medium sized apple or banana, a cup of blueberries or grapes should be a must. Vegetables like carrots, broccoli, red-peppers would make great choices. Lean meats, poultry, fish, lentils pulses can for provide for proteins. Intake of sugar and fats should be restricted.

Under-nutrition: -According a study carried out by the National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau(2003) has revealed the prevalence of under-nutrition in 40-50% of adolescents.A well balanced diet is recommended. Breakfast should include cereal and milk and fruit, a variety can be brought about by adding nuts and yogurt too. These can be made interesting by making smoothies and fruity yogurts. Peanut butter,muffins, muesli can be provided regularly.

Anemia: - About 70%of adolescents that are anemic according to ICMR surveys (2003). It is more prevalent in girls and they get only 50% of their iron requirements. Diet plays a major role in overcoming this deficiency.

Hormonal changes: -Internal physiological changes spark outwardly morphological changes. Alterations in mood, attitude and behavior are often quite pronounced in teenagers. The expectations and attitude of parents, teachers and peers also change and it is often a big challenge for the adolescent to handle himself as well as the surrounding environment. Increase caloric, protein, calcium, zinc, iron and fol ate needs need to must be taken care of by providing them with a well-balanced and nutritive diet. 

Progression of puberty is affected by nutrition in a big way.The food we eat has a long-lasting impact on growth and health, hence, importance must be given to what we eat, how we eat and at what time we eat so that it nourishes our body and mind well.