Fighting Coronavirus - Every carrier of Coronavirus does not show symptoms & every symptomatic patient does not Die Due to Coronavirus Infection.

How Can We Reduce Mortality in a Morbid Person, admitted with underlying respiratory, cardiac & other Chronic illnesses like Diabetes?

1) Continue taking blood thinners because one of the reasons for mortality is the formation of tiny clots in vital organs like liver & kidneys, causing Multi-Organ Failure which is the Cause of Death.

Role of Blood Thinners is to Stop the Formation of Clots.

Ginger & Turmeric are Best Natural Blood Thinners.

Turmeric is available in our kitchen (Never Mind the Adulteration !)

It is also available as Nano-Particles for Quick Absorption. 

Snec 30 is Made in India & got Recognition & Patent from Big Boss America 

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Simultaneously Keep Using Other Blood Thinners as Prescribed by your Doctor.

The only Risk of Taking a Lot Too Many Blood thinners together is Internal Bleeding.

Watch out for the Combinations/ Quantity & Quality of Blood Thinners Used As MEDICINES Like Aspirin.

Positivity Helps Better Recovery from Any Illness including Viral Illness called Corona.

Negativity Reduces Immunity to Fight Any Illness including Viral Infection Like Corona.

Washing Hands, Hygiene, Maintaining Social Distancing, Using Sanitizers IS NOT PASSE (Make Habitual About Them)

Symptoms of Coronavirus May Not be Respiratory.

It Can look like routine fever during changing seasons. eg-

Fevers, Chills, Vomiting or gastritis 

Most Vulnerable people as Seniors with High BP, Diabetes, COPD, Asthma, Other Chronic Illnesses, Must Be Investigated in case of little suspicion of illness.

Remember that internal clotting can save the lives of patients suffering from Dengue Viral Fever By Stopping the internal bleeding

Stopping Internal Clotting can Save Lives of Patients Suffering from Coronavirus Illness Also by Dissolving the Micro Clots in the Vital Organs like Liver & Kidneys

Drink Lots of Liquids as Nourishment & as plain water

Avoid Fats & Other Foods & Medicines which are Heavy on Liver & kidney.