What are Black triangles?

Black triangles are the triangular spaces between your teeth caused due to receding gum levels. They look bad when you smile and alter your speech to a certain extent. 

See the Black triangle shaded ? That is what Black triangles are. Looks bad indeed, right? 

Can They Be Corrected?

Yes. Your dentist is the only person who can correct it. 

What are the treatments?

There are wide variety of treatments available. It only depends on what you choose. The treatment varies from Conservative procedures (one that does not alter any of your tooth or gum surface) to Invasive procedures (that alters your teeth or gums).

Non-Invasive Procedure: Involves placement of a Removable Prosthesis - something like a Removable Denture. It comes handy. Easy to use. It may be flexible or rigid as per your choice. Easy to wear and Carry and when you don't feel like wearing it - simply remove it. Advantage is: No alteration of tooth structure/gums. Drawback: Its removable and some of you may not like it. 

Removable Epithesis -Just wear it on your gums !

Invasive Procedures:

1. It involves giving crowns and then replacing the missing gums with pink ceramic. Matches but still artificial effect is there, unless color matched to perfection. Don't forget although a permanent treatment option - you are sacrificing your teeth for crown fabrication. Go for this option only if you have to get crowns done for your front teeth.

2. Periodontal Surgery:

A Periodontist (gum specialist) can correct your gums surgically to some extent by placement of bone grafts. Sounds complex? Don't worry. It's the best treatment option if you want permanent solution but be prepared for a minor surgery. The results are natural and long lasting.

But, Which should I choose?

Well, get a Dental Consultation done first. The best option would be through periodontal surgery but before that you can have your hands on a removable one. If you dislike you always have other option open. 

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Are your front teeth area showing Black triangles? Were you aware of it?