Often, skincare advices are taken who already have perfect skin. People who have difficult skin or to say very oily or dry skin ,there are things which are harmful to the health of their skin.

People who have dry flaky skin and the skin feels tight there are few very important things to keep in mind…..RULES………and there are things you SHOULD NOT do…

Here are few of the important ones.

Rule no.1: Forget to Moisturize your skin

If you have an oily skin you make take some liberty and forget to put moisturiser for a day or two but if you have a dry skin ,you can forget a meal but not the moisturiser.

Moisturisers  are a lifeline for your skin. Use ample quantity of moisturiser twice a day all over the skin and massage it in.

The best time to put a moisturiser is when your skin id damp like just after bath which traps the water layer between the skin and the oil in moisturisers.

Rule no. 2: Excess of  Exfoliation 

  Dry skin is a flaky skin and you feels like scrubbing the dry skin away . It’s a mistake. Excess of exfoliation      will cause irritation and will lead to more dryness and flakiness.

  Limit your exfoliation to once a week and apply lot of moisturiser after the exfoliation

Rule no. 3: Take long, hot showers.

Prolonged , hot showers is a thing everyone loves to indulge in ,but they are a definite NO for a person with dry skin. Take lukewarm water and limit your shower to about 5 minutes.  ( Saves a lot of Water also ).

Hot water takes away the water from your body also and gives dry skin.

Rule no. 4: Use hot air blowers 

The hot air dries the atmosphere and also your skin . It takes away the moisturiser from your skin .

Rule no. 5: Use lot of  alcoholic facial cleansers and toners. 

A high alcohol content in your toners and some facial cleansers will strip your skin of the moisture and will increase the dryness and irritate the skin.