As a person who had been through many issues with the plantar fasciitis (heel pain) I used to spend a lot of money on shoes in order to eliminate my pain. Among many shoes that I tried, some caused partially relief and rarely eliminated the pain and some, rather, did the opposite and exacerbate my heel pain. In addition to that I consulted with some podiatrists, which helped me to decide which shoe fit the best for me. So, as you can guess I gained a lot of a useful experience during my research for the best shoes for plantar fasciitis and I hope that my post will help people like me to save their money and eliminate their pain. In short, this post is dedicated to showing and recommending people who suffer from plantar fasciitis (heel pain) which shoes to buy.

When you are looking for shoes for your plantar fasciitis, you need to look for three major properties.

  • Heel support (Better shock absorption).
  • Arch support with a Firm ankle.
  • Good cushioning.

It may sound complicated but, don’t worry, all the hard work and the tedious searching have done for you!

The following post will be divided into two parts, the first part: list of the top five shoes for plantar fasciitis that excelling in all of the criteria, you can notice that all of them are running shoes, which are the best for heel pain and any issue that caused by the plantar fasciitis. I know that the running shoes design is not formal or casual, but you have to consider that your top priority is for the support and not for the look or design! By the way, in my opinion they have good look too. The second part is for people who really can’t deal with the look of the running shoes and looking for more casual or formal shoe design, but REMEMBER that the running shoes are still the best for your healing and should be number one on your list.