Weight loss is the most googled out topic and most of us want to shed those extra kilos and look good. 

So what should be the best diet for weight loss?

There are many myths which need to be busted regarding weight loss.

There is no shortcut when we think about losing weight.Weight loss is a slow procedure taken seriously with hard work and dedication. It's not just about your weight, it's your total lifestyle which needs to be changed. 

Weight is often associated with many medical conditions. So you need to check the reason for constant weight gain, or not losing weight. After that, make a diet plan. I would suggest small changes at a time.

So what should be the first step?

  • Yes, definitely weigh yourself then make a goal, Nowadays, there are many apps available that can help you to stick to your goal while reducing weight.
  • Calculate your BMI, BMR and total calorie requirement. Then try to work hard in reaching your goal.

Secondly, how to plan your weight loss diet?

  • I generally recommend making changes in one meal initially. Take the whole weight loss journey gradually and slowly. For the first week, just make your dinner healthy. Take a light balanced meal and no OUTSIDE FOOD.
  • Next week, work on your lunch and after that week the chance of your breakfast comes. Try to avoid any fast, junk or market food.
  • Have lots and lots of water, avoid juices, tea, coffee and colas. You can switch to buttermilk and lime water.
  • Sugar, oil, bakery items and fast food to be avoided completely.
  • Snacking should be of fibrous food items like fruits, vegetables, soup and puffed rice.