Yogurt, it is popularly called as curd and has been a major part of Indian diet. A lot of Indian recipes also require the addition of curd especially in meat and chicken preparation. Thin lassi,butter milk or chhaach are served as welcome drinks specially in rural India. Our ancestors always recommended to have curd and rice during diarrhea. curd contains lactic acid which help in intestinal purification.

Studies shows that having yogurt reduces the risk of having breast cancer.

Yogurt is created by the active action of a variety of bacteria, usually from a large family called lactobacillus. when these get mixed with milk they get proliferate causing milk to ferment and gets thicken. These bacteria bring beneficial impact on human physiology and disease.


  • IT IS RICH IN IMPORTANT NUTRIENTS:  Yogurt is filled up with many nutrients. It is especially high in calcium, vitamin-b and other trace minerals.
  • HIGH IN PROTEIN:  As yogurt is made up from milk and we know milk has good amount of protein. yogurt is high in protein and it contains such probiotics which also helps in weight loss.
  • SOLVES DIGESTIVE ISSUES: As yogurt contain probiotics it boost up the digestive system by reducing the symptoms such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and other G.IT disorder.
  • STRENGTHENS IMMUNE SYSTEM:  It provides probiotics which helps in strengthening the immune system and protect us with certain illness.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST OSTEOPOROSIS: It is rich in vitamins and minerals that plays major role in improving and maintaining bone health. consuming it regularly lowers down the risk of osteoporosis.
  • PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS:  Yogurt has many such properties which help in weight loss. Several studies have found that having yogurt in your diet, it is associated with lower body weight. Those who eat yogurt tend to be more healthier from those who don't eat as it has higher nutrient content and also low calorie content.

*Yogurt may not be for everyone*

  • People who have any kind of milk allergy should seek permission from their doctor before indulging in this refreshing, cool yogurt.
  • Make sure you choose your yogurt wisely. choose plain, unsweetened varieties which contain probiotics.
  • Sweetened yogurt can be used as a desert but don't take it in your daily diet as it is high in calories.

Happy journey to health..!