Today the subject of our discussion is benefits of Root canal therapy. I know the last thing you would think about is Root canal therapy. Experts in Root canal therapy are called as Endodontists and they have separated myths from facts about Root canal therapy. When people hear the phrase root canal therapy, they just want to run in the other direction. But experts say that Root canal therapy has many benefits for patients. So let me just explain what are the benefits of Root canal therapy.

Well, there are many advantages of saving your natural teeth as root canal therapy helps in preserving your natural teeth:-

1. By saving the natural teeth, you maintain your normal biting efficiency.

2. The cosmetic appearance is way better when you retain your natural teeth. It’s better aesthetically than any type of replacement alternative.

3. The biting forces and sensation you feel in the jaw are natural if you save the natural teeth by root canal therapy.

4. By retaining your teeth you keep the natural position and avoid any excessive wear or strain on the adjacent teeth or any of the teeth shifting.

Let me just elaborate on what I just told about natural teeth. One of the goals of Root canal therapy is to help patients save their natural teeth. In root canal treatment, Endodontists, specialists in Root canal treatment are specialists in saving teeth. And saving a natural tooth is going to always feel more natural for the patient in the long run. I could say based on what experts tell about Root canal therapy is that saving the natural tooth is really the most conservative treatment that specialists can provide. Extraction of the tooth is the last option you can consider anytime, if in case root canal therapy or retreatment fails due to several reasons. But after extraction of the teeth, you may not have that natural feel of that tooth you lost. You may also end up compromising the health of the adjacent teeth, when you consider replacement alternatives of your missing teeth. That’s why expert dentists will always advise you to save your tooth as far as possible by performing or re-doing the Root canal therapy. In fact, it is the most conservative, time-efficient and cost-effective treatment option for restoring your natural smile!