Invest small in Family Meals, reap big benefits. The goal is to Eat 'Together' and not simply ‘Eat’

Rather than being discontent and grouchy about your child’s eating habits, sitting together as a family during mealtimes can show a great change,for the better, in your child’s eating pattern and choice. Parents are the perfect role models for any child and children follow whatever their parents do, including food habits. Eating together not only promotes healthy eating but also prevents obesity in kids, behavioral problems or drug use, cigarettes or  alcohol as they grow up. No wonder family meals are on the upswing.

Try these straightforward tips to make more family meals happen in your home: 

  • Prepare a light and nutritious meal: Don’t overload yourself with a recipe which requires about 20     different ingredients. Keep it simple and choose one of your go-to-recipes which help you complete the task under 30 minutes. 
  • Cook a batch of your favourite meal: Ingredients that can serve you for more than one meal are great time savers. You can grill four chicken breasts instead of just two and keep the leftovers for a chicken salad or fajitas the next day. 
  • Avoid takeout: Going on a short trip to a drive-thru can seem to be the simplest way to get a meal on the table, with added fat on your waistline. Journal studies report that eating a takeout once a week increases the adolescent’s chance of becoming overweight or obese roughly two-fold while the odds are doubled in the case of their parents. 
  • Seek help: Don’t forget your little army of helpers ready to assist you in your chores. Ask them to set the table, pour drinks, chop vegetables or mix the veggies for a simple salad. These gestures from their side highlight the importance of eating a meal together as one happy family.