Chemical Peeling is the most commonly used dermatologic procedure that can be carried out on an OPD basis, it helps in promoting the effect of other medicines and thus is highly recommended by dermatologists.

A chemical peel is a technique used to remove the outermost layers of the skin (in a controlled manner) with the help of a chemical solution.

The nature of the chemical used determines the depth of the peeling and also decides the indication of that peeling agent.

Most common indications of chemical peels are Acne, Acne Marks & Scars Hyperpigmentation problems like Melasma, Tanning and Freckles.

Dermaheal has developed its own peeling mechanism where different peeling agents are combined to give best results to our patients according to their skin problems. These have been designed specially for the Indian skin type.

Peeling for Acne

According to the severity and chronicity of the Acne, Acne Marks & Acne Scars for a particular patient, we use a 3 to 4 step sequential peeling mechanism to give desired results. Peels used for this indication are -

1) Black Peels (Theraderm Inc. Imported from South Korea)

2) Salicylic Peels

3) Pyruvic Peels

4) Retinol (Yellow) Peel

The aforementioned peels can be used in different combinations or solitarily depending on the severity of Acne, Acne Marks & Scars and Patient skin type.

Peeling for Hyperpigmentation (Melasma)

In Indian skin the most common hyperpigmentation problem is Melasma, which occurs in the butterfly region of the face surrounding the nose, most commonly observed in the females of reproductive age group. This condition is very resistant to conventional medical treatment. Peels have come a long way to help Melasma patients to improve their quality of life and their social interaction by acting on the deeper layers of the skin where most creams and lotions can't penetrate. Peels used for this indication are -

1) Pyruvic Peels

2) Phenol-TCA Combination Peels

3) Glycolic Peels

4) Retinol (Yellow) Peels

5) Lactic Peels

The aforementioned peels can be used in different combinations or solitarily depending on the patient skin type and ongoing treatment protocol.

NOTE- After all peeling procedures strict sun protection (including prescribed sun screens) and other instructions by the Dermaheal skin expert must be strictly followed.