Before taking treatment for acne, you should know about 2 main causes of  pimples – 

1. Excessive Oil Production -  This is because of sexual hormones. 

2. Acne bacterias- excessive oily skin invites bacteria which causes red and pus filled pimples. 

Well, My aim while treating pimples is to achieve early clearance to avoid complications of pimples such as pigmentation,scarring, and persistent redness. So I combine ‘Active Acne Peel’ with medical therapy. The best thing about peel is active on both main causes of pimples. Medicines take some time to act on skin, adding Peels will give direct and immediate effect on skin, so early response can be get by combinations of both medicines and peels followed. How peels work on skin, these are the benefits of peels in active acne-  

1. Exfoliation – Name itself tells that chemical / organic peels will remove your dead skin / superficial layer. It will clear the sebum blockage and improves acne.

2. Making skin dry- Exfoliation lead to make your skin dry, make environment against acne. 

3. Remove dirt – Pollution also can lead to pimples. Peels remove harmful chemicals on face. Clean up the skin and open the pores.

4. Remove bacteria- Peels are acids and these are not a favourable for bacteria. Bacteria die in acidic condition. Reduces the use of antibiotics. 

5. Reduces complications – Early clearance of pimples will help to prevent complications like scars, pigmentation. 

6. Allow medicine to act more – Since dead skin peels help in penetration of medicines since dead skin barrier is less. 

7. Reduces Total treatment duration- A combined treatment, medicines and peels will reduce the total time duration of your treatment. 

8. Reduces scars and pigmentation - Peeling is also effective in scar reduction and pigment reduction, gives natural glowing skin.

So These are the additional benefits of peels over medicines.