Baby massage is a part of Ayurvedic Medicine. Our body comprises with sense of touch from our inception. Baby has a powerful sense of touch both emotionally and physically. In fact touch is usually their first connect with the mother, providing a unique closeness which grows even stronger with the passing of time.

The hands of the giver and the skin of the receiver are very much aware of each other. Body massage is one of the oldest forms of natural treatment for many human aliments and disorders. A crying child who has fallen over is being consoled by an adult rubbing the aching part or even by kissing it to make better.

Massage has a pain relieving effect, which is associated with the skin stimulation and increased temperature. Babies who receive touch stimulation may perform better in relation to weight gain,height, decreased incidence of respiratory problems and better digestion.

Blood flow is increased during the process of massage and stimulated amount of blood carries oxygen and takes away waste products at a greater speed creating better environment foremost effective soft tissue healing. The toxins can be more readily excreted promotes healthy regeneration of damage soft tissues. Baby massage should be regarded as a preventive therapy.