Exercise  leads to opening of a current of channels in your body which leads to consumption of sugar by our cells without requiring insulin. The magic of exercise is extended further when a diabetic who has got less insulin or insulin resistance  does exercise. Exercise brings the blood sugars to a normal level and helps diabetics to achieve their sugar targets.On this auspicious day of World Yoga Day  we should exercise yoga to part away our sugar troubles. 

Yogic asanaas are known to create a divine milieu of physical, mental and spiritual well being. Stress leads to high sugars, lack of exercise leads to weight gain which also increases your blood sugars, spiritual inclination takes you towards the frugality of worlds materialistic things , you achieve spiritual solace.Learning of yoga requires a systematic approach and have fixed set of rules for breathing pattern and has got a schedule of giving rest to your body after a particular set of positions. The chances of a muscle pull, cramps, sprains which are the main roadblocks in our exercise schedule are less in Yoga. 

Yoga and diabetes is a matter of interest for researchers and there is good data favouring yoga. Yogic positions are to be learnt under supervision of a master teacher  and preferably are to be done in groups. When we exercise in a group we do exercise comfortably in a flow and find it much easier and the monotony doesn’t takes its toll. A diabetic should choose his exercise plan as per his /her choice  and should stick to it on regular basis. You may require medicines with exercise and some of you may require insulin also. 

Requirement of medicines to control diabetes doesn’t mean that yoga is ineffective. Exercise will help you in controlling weight, sugars and will make you more comfortable with yourself in whichever state of illness you are in. Rationalise your thinking and make yourself aware of the fact that exercise is not a substitute for medication. Exercise and treatment should go hand in hand for better results, good control and less complications in future.

Happy Yoga day.