I have often heard food is a creator of cells, tissues, muscles and a mood enhancer too. It can make our musculature strong with dedication and neuro muscular coordination. Hence Endurance Drink comes in its way. Athletes can improve their performance and stamina through such super foods.

A History of Health

Beetroot's rustic look has resulted in its ubiquitous impact on various traditional menus and recipes. Beetroot - It falls under ROOTS & TUBERS category --- nutritional value comprising folic acid and high in insoluble fiber, Antioxidant enzymes(Glutathione Peroxidase).

Athlete's Friend

 If you want to improve your athletic performance and stamina, there's nothing except indulging yourself in strenuous workout out.  But if you're looking for a simple, natural way to increase the length of your workouts, or if you just want to  give yourself that little edge in endurance or speed, then beet juice may be the answer. Nonetheless, there are whey protein substitutes, soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrates and many more are available, nothing can beat natural source.Beet juice is naturally high in nitrate (NO3),which  the body uses to make both nitrite (NO2) and nitric oxide. Nitrite is known to protect the blood vessels from injury, while nitric acid expands blood  vessels and therefore increases the flow of oxygen to the cells. This, in turn,increases both the potential available to the muscles and the length of time muscles can exercise without tiring.

Early studies have shown the effectiveness of beet juice for exercise in people who drink the juice for several days before undergoing exercise tests do indeed use less oxygen in their muscles, and are correspondingly able to exercise for longer. In one study, drinking beet juice decreased oxygen needs by 19 percent and increased exercise endurance time by 17 percent. In other studies, scientists proved that drinking beet juice increases people's blood concentration of nitrates, and that beet juice which has had the nitrates artificially removed loses its exercise-boosting power.