You know, beautiful smile is a beautiful thing. Beautiful smile really affects the people looking at it. It is kind of amazing how beautiful smile affect others. They not only think person with such a smile is attractive but they also imagine that person is smarter, friendlier, healthier and more successful. All that from a smile! There have even been studies to back this up. Think about the opposite. Someone with really crooked or stained teeth what do people think of that? They think the person isn’t so smart, isn’t so healthy, isn’t so successful and doesn’t care enough to take good care of them. Whether corrector not, that are the kind of assumptions people make. There are people with bad smile who don’t like to smile at all because they get embarrassed. People who got their smile improved, not only got their romantic life back but also got promotions at work, found people paid attention as if they were suddenly more intelligent, they were thought of as more friendly with them and outgoing as well. These benefits are huge. If a person does not fix his or her ugly smile,it is not all that smart.  

One of the best ways to make a smile beautiful is with Veneers. A tooth veneer is basically thin porcelain covering that is attached on to a tooth. It looks just like a tooth but is perfect for one thing it can instantly gives you permanently white teeth. It not only can improve tooth’s color, it can also improve its appearance if the tooth is chipped, crooked or uneven. It will give the tooth a perfect shape and contour. It can also lengthen the tooth that is too short or it can fill in gaps if there is too much space between teeth by making veneer surface slightly wider than the actual teeth. By making little adjustments, dentists often make teeth look perfectly align without braces. The final result is teeth look healthy and younger. It can also make tooth function better if it has been damaged. Not only that, it can do it all fast. 

Depending upon what kind of veneer you get it can be just a couple of weeks from start to finish and suddenly you have flawless smile. There are different kinds of veneers - One of the newest forms of veneer is called Lumineers. They all use porcelain for their covers, the main difference with something like lumineers is that the porcelain is very thin and strong so it can be placed on to a tooth without having any or very little sensitive tooth structure. 

There is no pain or discomfort or need of any needle of anaesthesia. Prices of both the approaches are almost similar. Some dental cases don’t qualify for lumineers this is due to the way the original teeth are placed in the mouth. This means if there is very little or no space between the teeth even the super thin lumineer will not fit or if the teeth are too crooked then the dentist needs to grind the tooth anyway and adjust the veneer a bit more and sometimes there is yellowish or brownish hue in the tooth and a thicker veneer might do a better job. Your dentist will know which one is better for your situation. 

Remember, having a beautiful smile increases confidence, self esteem and improve many areas of our lives!