Summer is here and to beat the blazing rays of the sun we need to protect our skin in more ways than one!

Adequate water intake places a major role in maintaining the hydration content of our body but we need something else too and sunscreens play a major role in that. Contrary to the belief that sunscreens provide protection only from sunlight, they also protect us from various sources of light energy that we come across in day to day life.

Most people refrain from using sunscreens due to their consistency, but we do have them ranging from lotions, matte-based creams, gels, sprays, towelettes and ORAL!

Yes! You heard it right, oral sunscreens do contribute to the protection. Though not as much as the applicator ones, the effect oral sunscreens give are appreciable. 

So if you are someone who hates re-applying sunscreen(though once a day is a must and if feasible twice a day, which is what I would recommend), pop in an oral sunscreen twice or thrice a day to reap in the extra benefits.

Consult your dermatologist to add this egg to your basket of sun protection!