Stress is fairly universal. Some can be very productive and could benefit you immensely, while some others can be harmful physically, mentally, and emotionally. According to latest medical reports, stress is found to be among the largest killers of humankind.

Consider this scenario: jam packed roads, a looming deadline or getting laid off. In today’s modern world, stress and anxiety is seen in terms of the situation one finds oneselves in. However, according to the sacred knowledge of Ayurveda these are impulses that originates in mind that creates a negative psychological disposition, temporary or chronic, leading to undesirable health consequences. Headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression, fatigue and feelings of anger, fear, helplessness or hopelessness, and other symptoms that affect a person’s physical and mental well-being are often linked to stress.

The demands of everyday living can be numerous paving way for stress and hypertension, which in time becomes a health hazard. Below listed are a few warning signals that you need to pay utmost heed to.

  • Feeling hopeless, depressed
  • Uncontrollable temper
  • Often angry, frustrated and irritated
  • Negative thinking and exaggerating
  • Smoking and alcohol addiction
  • Frequent headaches, stomach aches and back aches
  • Feeling lonely
  • Always tired and sick
  • Gets affected by diseases easily
  • Disinterest to everything in life
  • Regular allergies and skin rashes
  • Trouble in sleeping

Don’t wait till you hit the bottom line. If you know that you’re stressed, supportive Ayurveda treatments could benefit you immensely. One of the most popular and powerful Ayurvedic antidote to excess stress is the well-established ancient treatment Shirodhara along with other dietary and lifestyle practices.


Shirodhara is an ancient, divine and powerful Ayurvedic healing therapy that rejuvenates, balances and stabilizes the mind, body and soul. The Shirodhara has its origins in Sanskrit, where ‘shiro’ means head and ‘dhara’ means continuous flow.This unique and blissful Ayurveda treatment involves pouring a steady stream of medicated oils at a certain rhythmic speed over the ‘third eye’ or center of the forehead followed by a rejuvenating Ayurvedic head massage. With a range of miraculous healing powers, if performed to perfection, Shirodhara can bring about an immense feeling of deep relaxation and calmness of mind, body and soul.

This transformative treatment can help relieve depression, insomnia, fatigue, stress, anxiety and tension and restore body to good health calming the nervous system and enhancing the brain function.

Healing Benefits of Shirodhara

Shirodhara is considered to be one of the most effective treatments in Ayurveda to manage, control and reduce stress, anxiety and tension. Apart from that the treatment is also highly beneficial for improving various functions of body and mind. They are:

  • Deeply relaxes the nervous system
  • Balances doshas
  • Increases freely flow of energy, oxygen and other nutrients to the brain
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Boosts immunity and overall health
  • Calms body and mind
  • Prevents headaches and migraines
  • Eliminates infections and other imbalances affecting neck, eyes, ears and nose
  • Reduces hair fall and premature graying
  • Replenishes the skin
  • Promotes fertility
  • Heightens the senses
  • Treats insomnia
  • Helps improve focus and concentration
  • Stabilizes mind and mood swings
  • Nourishes the hair and scalp
  • Encourages sound and deep sleep
  • Improves digestion and metabolism
  • Instills a positive spirit

Guard against stress

What is important to note here is that in most cases stress is self-generated. Recognising and dealing with it on a timely manner and by gaining control of the mind, you can effectively manage and release stress and start enjoying life.