"zits zits go away,never ever come again

healthy happy skin i want every night and every day"

Most of us suffer from pimples sometime in our lives.Though not deadly it still disturbs the affected person to  a terrible extent.Before i share how to get acne -free,i want to inform reader about what is an acne?acne is a disorder of pilosebaceous unit in skin which is actually a hair bearing tunnel like structure with oil gland opening at one end & another end on skin surface.

Following pointers would surely help those who suffer-

  1. Everyday  skin  care-One should use a salicylic/azealic/mandelic acid face wash twice a day followed by a non- comedogenic  moisturizer & sunscreen.you can choose  gel based products if skin is too oily or cream based if skin is dry ,irritated and sensitive but dont forget to read `non-comedogenic`.In winter one can use cetyl alcohol face wash.
  2. Home remedies- One can try ice,cut tomatoes,garlic,turmeric & honey ,all of which are found in kitchen.
  3. Natural oils-  Teatree /neem /lavender oil can be applied on pimples carefully to reduce eruptions.
  4. Diet- avoid processed foods,sugar,chocolate,fried food.limit dairy intake.Eat food rich in vitamin A like spinach,carrot,kale etc.eat probiotiotic food,foods rich in fiber like veggies,frits,nuts.eat foods with zinc like chickpeas,pumpkin seeds etc.drink 8-10 glasses of water.
  5. Medication- Benzoyl peroxide,sulphur, retinoic acid etc are pretty effective & available otc .your dermatologist may prescribe you antibiotic gels,azealic acid,dapsone,adaferrin,tazarotene if required.many times oral antibiotics,o.cpills and isotretinoin may be required.be very careful with all these drugs.follow your dermat`s guidelines.
  6. Professional treatments- like laser, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, pdl etc are available with most of skin specialist these days. Though pricey,they are more effective and also improve accompanying marks,scars and overall skin texture.a quick improvement definitely lifts your confidence.
get your treatments with only a qualified dermatologist
  • DONT's- One may think of getting immediate relief by popping that pimple but believe me that is the worst thing to do. Breaking would lead to marks and scars later on, which are very difficult to treat. Also don't touch your face unnecessarily. Hands carry maximum germs. Don't let chemically laden hair in contact with skin. No rubbing, no massage, no harsh scrubs.control stress.
  • I hope this article helps you and year 2017 brings health and happiness to your skin, body and mind.