Laser Hair reduction is most sought out cosmetic procedure by females especially by those who observe certain spurt in the facial hair growth especially in the chin area and neck region. The females are cosmetically conscious when the facial hair growth has dark thick hair which they have to repeatedly trim or shave or use some epilators.

The sudden growth is because of change of villus hair into terminal hair which have more diameter and are more dark and troublesome for them. Laser hair reduction can be planned for such cases after proper case analysis and detailed history.

PCOD has to be ruled out and one has to careful if the patient has dandruff, oily hair along with pimples on face. Laser Hair Reduction can be done for face and other areas if desired by the patient in multiple sittings. Patients have to undergo an ultrasound test to rule out PCOD and may be hormonal profile test may be done.

The hair goes through an active phase, resting phase and destructive phase. The laser works best on the hair which are in active phase. The laser works on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The laser energy targets the chromophores, which is melanin in this case. The laser used should have the optimal wavelength which should ideally spare the skin melanin and target the hair melanin.

The inbuilt chill cooling tip is an advantage if it's there in the laser and hair should not be bleached or waxed in between the treatments though they can be advised for trimming. The hair in active phase which are targeted best, are in percentage different for different areas. These hairs when targeted at the appropriate time with appropriate fluency, proper pulse width and proper wavelength would give best long term hair free period. Improper wavelength, fluency, pulse width may also cause paradoxical hair growth stimulation, if suboptimal laser is used which may result in increased hair growth in the surrounding areas. The Laser Used Should Be USFDA approved. The dermatologist having best USFDA Diode machine can give you best results if proper case selection is done.