Theme for 3rd "National Dietetics Day - 10th January 2017"

In today's time when everyone so cautious about health, there is more chance of false people misguiding you towards the fast way of healthy life, but you beware of such people around and that's the time you should seek the help of professional.

Here are few Question every one would have in their mind after reading the headline:

  1. What is FOODUCATED: 'Fooducated' is the term used for the National Dietetics Day theme - 2017 to create awareness among community about Health, Food & Nutrition.
  2. Why to get FOODUCATED: It is the Indian Dietetics Association's (IDA) step forward for community education in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics and let everyone know what is good or bad for their health and well-being.
  3. Why should I consult a Dietitian only: Dietitians are expert in the field of food nutrition and dietetics same like doctor in field of medicine. They have studied 2-4 years in the Nutrition & Dietetics thus they are master of it. They can explain you what is to be eaten and why, with scientific evidence. So you can trust them.
  4. How can I know that they are Genuine Dietitian: You just need to check the degree or certification of the person ,whether it is from reliable organization or government body. You can consult dietitian who are attached with hospitals or practice in their own clinics with valid certification.
  5. What are area of expertise of a Dietitian: Its not just weight loss where you need to seek dietitian, you can consult her for any health issue be it weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, heart problems, liver problems, digestive problems, Cancer, HIV, loss of appetite, eating disorders, PCOD, during pregnancy, during menopause, and many more. She can educate about food for any health issue.
  6. For Which age group should I consult a dietitian: For all age groups.. Yes, that's true, be it a small infant, toddler, kid, teenage, adult man or women,pregnancy, lactating, menopausal women or old age. You can consult them, since all the age group have different requirement and needs. If you are confused about diet or need help with it consult a Dietitian.
  7. Why is it essential to consult Dietitian when I have Google: Hmm..! though internet provides you with diet solutions but still you need a professional to guide you about what is scientifically proven and beneficial for health according to your needs.

 Consult your Dietitian - Get 'FOODUCATED'.