First aid can play a crucial role in saving lives and preventing disabilities. Now that accidents are so common, one must know the basics of first aid. Time management and basic first aid skills can help save a life until medical help arrives. Here are some tips on what first aid can be given to people in danger:

Safety First

If there is an accident in an ongoing hazard like fire and gas leak etc, the person should be carried to a safer place. While transferring the patient make sure he is not having any spine or head fracture, in that case stabilization is required before transporting the patient.

Check airway and circulation

Open the mouth of the person to see if there is any obstruction in airway, check for breathing and palpate neck or wrist for a pulse. If airway is affected, try removing any obstruction and put patient in side lying position and bend the knee. If you can’t find a pulse, make patient lie on his back and start doing CPR by applying compression just below the sternum and call an ambulance.


Position the patient according to injury and condition. If breathing is affected, side lying with knee bent is appropriate position. In case of fracture, position the extremity and immobilize it using a stick, newspaper or magazine roll etc.

Stop bleeding

If the person is profusely bleeding, stop the bleeding as soon as possible as the person may go into shock. Wrap or compress the wound using a clean cotton cloth. Apply tourniquet or elastic bandage just above the wound and elevate the area to reduce intensity of bleeding.

Good first aid and reduce the risk of death and morbidity. If you see a person in need a small step of yours can make a big difference for the person.