Leucoderma or white spots is a condition in which the patient starts developing white patches over skin, mucous membrane (mouth & genitalia) and in some cases white hair. This is caused due to destruction of pigment producing cells (melanin) in the body. This can happen to anybody at any age. The exact cause is not known but autoimmunity is considered as the major cause. 

This is not an infectious condition. Also the chances of a child getting leucoderma if one or both of his parents have this condition is only marginally greater than that of normal population. Medical complications like thyroid disorders and other autoimmune conditions are rarely associated with this disease.  In majority of cases this is only a cosmetic problem. This condition is mistaken  for leprosy hence, there is a lot of social stigma attached with the condition. 

A number of medical and surgical treatment options are available for this condition. The aim of treatment is to stop the progress of disease and cause repigmentation in white spots. The hair bearing areas show a good response to medicines. This condition requires a long treatment.  Sunlight is beneficial in majority of the cases. Stress worsens the condition. For areas like lips, hands and feet different types of surgeries are done once the disease is stable (no increase in size or number of white spots). Surgery is so simple that even hospitalization is not required. 

So if you have been suffering from any type of complexes because of white spots,now is the time for you to see your skin specialist and get color back in your skin.