Pain in lower back radiating to the posterior part of a leg has been a chief complaint of a significant part of urban people. It is not only painful but also disabling if left untreated. There are so many people who take painkillers for such pain but it keeps coming back.

Sciatica can be treated effectively if we make small modifications in our life and strictly avoid the factors that intensify the pain. Here are some mistakes that can be improved in order to retrieve your body back to health.

Lack of exercise

General exercises, as well as core strengthening exercises, are essential to keep your muscles strong and your body flexible. Devoting towards an exercise regime as prescribed by your physiotherapist is a good idea to keep your back and legs strong and going.

Bad posture

Your posture gives a quick look at your lifestyle. Bad posture is usually a result of repetitive bad ergonomics like sitting in a slouched position or carrying heavy bags on one shoulder. There are numerous bad posture habits that manipulate the normal curvature of the back and cause pain. Attaining good posture requires practice and strengthening of muscles.

Remind yourself to sit or stand in an erect posture every now and then. Gradually you will develop a habit that will definitely reflect in your attitude.

Carrying a wallet in the back pocket

Sometimes origin of sciatic pain is not from the back but from hips. Gluteal muscles get irritated when you sit with your wallet in your back pocket. The sciatic nerve passing from hip gets compressed and causes pain in the leg. A simple lifestyle modification like this can save you from popping painkillers.

Prolonged staying in one position

When you sit or stand for a long time, the same group of muscles is working that causes fatigue in those muscles. When muscles are fatigued they produce lactic acid that causes cramping pain and reduce the efficiency of the muscles. Doing mild exercises or simply changing positions can reduce the collection of lactic acids hence keeping the muscles going for a long while.

Lack of Vitamin B

Vitamin B is very crucial for nerve health as it takes care of nerve metabolism and keeps the nerve channels intact. Vitamin B deficiency can cause peripheral nerve damage and give symptoms like pain and paresthesia.

Vitamin B deficiency can be commonly seen in alcoholics as alcohol depletes this vitamin from the body. It can also be seen in malnourished children, people with anorexia or lack of proper dietary habits.

Simple lifestyle modifications and a good diet can save you from sciatic pain so that you can live your life to its fullest. In case you have already started showing up the symptoms, it is best to consult an expert orthopedic doctor to identify the root of the problem and start treatment at the earliest.