The teeth and bone structure form the foundation of the mouth and its surrounding tissues.W hen the framework isn't aligned,a malocclusion(bad bite) results.On the surface,this often appears as little more than an aesthetic problem,but the ramifications of improperly aligned teeth are more far-reaching.Bad bites can cause problems ranging from headaches to faulty hearing.They also can cause digestive problems that affect overall health.

Many adults,as well as children,suffer from bite disorders that affect their physical and social well-being. Fortunately,modern dentistry offers a variety of ways to treat improperly aligned bites many of which are imperceptible to others.

What causes bad bite?

A bad bite is typically caused by genetics.For example,the teeth may not fit in the jaws properly,or the teeth may not be in a correct relationship with the rest of the face.Destructive habits,such as lip or nail biting or clenching and grinding teeth,also can cause bad bites.Finally,loss of teeth without proper replacement can cause the bite and the face to collapse,resulting in an aged and unattractive appearance.

Bad bites and Temporomandibular joint:

When the teeth are out of alignment,the facial muscles may spasm,creating misalignment of the jaw.This can lead to temporomandibular joint disorders(TMD).Symptoms can include headaches,neck pain,back pain, and earaches.Treatment of  TMDs depends on the severity of the disorder and ranges from muscle relaxation therapy to orthognathic surgery.No cosmetic procedures should be performed until the TMD is corrected.

Is your new bite a bad bite?

Occasionally,even properly constructed restorations can contribute to bite problems.This typically occurs when a disharmony already exists in the mouth.In such cases,any irritation or change even as minor as that caused by crowns or orthodontics-can initiate a muscle spasm and TMJ disturbance.Such problems may be unforeseen by dentists.When noted,however,they should be corrected quickly.If allowed to persist,they can be extremely difficult to repair.

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