Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient system of medicine. In Sanskrit language "AYU" means LIFE and "VEDA" means KNOWLEDGE or SCIENCE . So, whole word "AYURVEDA" means " THE SCIENCE or KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE". This contains a comprehensive and complete natural Herbo mineral health care system. Ayurveda combines holistic assessment and diagnosis with  Diet, Exercise and Herbo mineral medication.

Ayurveda is a system about right living and right eating. Ayurveda is concerned with achieving balance in body and mind by restoring the balance of three elements or factors - VATA , PITTA, KAPHA ( AIR , FIRE, AND WATER ) of which the body is made. Each and every person has his/her own individual body constitution according to three elements Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

Vata person has known as VATIC ( controls Movement) Ratio: Out of 100 people 90-95 will be Vata imbalanced.

Pitta person has known as PAITIC ( controls Metabolism) Ratio : out of 100 people 30-35 will be Pitta imbalanced.

Kapha person has known as KAPHIC (controls Structure) Ratio : out of 100 people 5-10 will be Kapha imbalanced.

Same principle applies to each and every food or drink item that we take. So, food can also be Vatic, Paitic and Kaphic. By the same principle, if a "Vatic person " eats or drinks a " Vatic item " more and more: that could be the cause of a Vatic disease" because each and every disease is also classified by the same principle.

Ayurvedic Medicine works to restore the balance of the three factors on the same principle. There are 16000 plus beneficial herbs, only available in India that contributes to Natural Healthcare Science called Ayurveda.