Bedsores are localized injuries to skin or underlying tissue that affect people who spend a lot of time in one position due to various conditions like paralysis, old age etc. The sores usually occur in the bony areas of the body as a result of pressure and fiction. The most common sites are the areas around the coccyx, heels, hips, elbows, knees, ankles and back of shoulders.

How is it caused?

Bed sore are caused due to different reasons for different people. People who are with less mobility due to poor health, coma, body weakness, injury etc. Mainly bed sore are caused due to:

1) Prolonged Pressure: The body part with more bone and less muscle affecting bedsore by the pressure of bone and other surfaces.

2) Friction: It is highly vulnerable to bed sore because the skin dragged over the surfaces. When the body becomes moist it is affecting highly.

3) Shear: Bed sore appearing when the body and surface moving in opposite direction.

Some effective home remedies are:·

Honey: Apply honey-sugar mixture in affected area.

Aloe Vera: Rub Aloe Vera gel on bed sore.

Turmeric: Sprinkle Turmeric powder on cleaned wound.

In Ayurveda, bedsores can be correlated to a condition called Shaya Vrana. Shayya means lying down while Vrana means wounds. Ayurveda suggests some guidelines to follow, before and during the bed sore treatment. Line of Treatment for Shayyavarana:

Hygiene: Cloth and bedspread should be cleaned daily. Urine and stool should be evacuated properly and precautions should be taken each time. Water/Airbeds are better for such patients.

External Application of Ayurvedic medicine: The wound should be washed properly with measures for disinfection. Dusting of Tankan Bhasma or other Ayurveda powders after due consultation is very effective against bed sores.

Depending on the severity of the sores, different Ayurveda medicines are available for application. 

Effective bed sore treatment using some potent Ayurvedic oils like Ropana taila, Jatyadi oil, Kanaka taila etc is helpful.