PCOD attacks females normally when they are about to start a married life! Which means the years to enjoy and plan for a kid is getting spoiled with uncertainty of future. The alarming rate of females suffering with PCOD makes one feel wonder how come such a phenomena occurs? 

The answer lies in the present day lifestyle. Ayurveda says the basis for any disease is suppressing the natural urges such as hunger, thirst, passing urine or motion, postponing sleep and eating at odd times! So the key for prevention and management of PCOD also lies in not suppressing the natural urges. Many may feel that the life they lead is normal but may not be, when it comes to basic biology of body. Our body requires time to time attention may be in the form of food or rest or exercise. When there is too much of imbalance of factors such as vata or kapha in the body, recovery without a physician support will be difficult. The following steps can help to prevent and manage PCOD.

1. Regular Detoxification: According to the change of seasons, the body accumulates lot of toxins. Ayurvedic detoxification with proper herbs will help body come back to the normal state

2. Balancing of tridoshas: By birth one person receives a body with a particular balanced tridosha nature which is called as prakruthi. When due to internal and external reasons such late sleep or not at all taking nutritional food and at right time will lead to imbalance of vata , pitha and kapha and that state is called as vikruthi. Now getting a nadi pariksha and discussing about your lifestyle with an Ayurvedic physician will open up ways to balance doshas.

3. Taking a rejuvenation treatment: Ayurvedic panchakarma rejuvenation is a must for females who are at high risk of infertility due to PCOD, where age is also a major factor. In such condition taking panchakarma treatment such as utharabasti and abhyanga will balance the hormone levels and metabolism and can bring ovary to normal functioning. 

There are various herbs and herbal formulations which has scrapping properties whose timely use helps a lot in treating the symptoms of PCOD.

Scanning and blood check ups along with the before and after Ayurvedic treatments will give a clear picture of the health status of ovaries.