Eating til ladoos in winter is a part of our tradition but after knowing til or sesame seeds benefit, you definitely want to eat more of it this season. In Ayurveda, til seeds, oil and its whole plant is used, til oil is used as base in most of the Ayurvedic oils. Til oil is considered best among all types of oil for consumption as well as for massage. 

There are 3 varieties of til, black  which is best one, white is medium and red one is minimum in health benefits.

Ayurvedic properties of til

Til is hot in potency, heavy in nature. It balances vata and kapha dosha. 

* It is rich in vitamin E, K, B1, B6, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and dietary fiber.

Health benefits of til

 * Til increase body strength and immunity. 

* It improves digestive strength, act as a laxative and cleanses body channels. 

*Excellent for skin as it moisturises skin, improves skin quality. Used both internally and externally for skin. 

* It is extremely good for hair, regular application of til oil on scalp and eating til seeds helps in growth of hair, prevents hair fall and greying. 

* Til is good for oral health also it can be chewed or oil can be used for oil pulling. 

* It gives strength to bone, muscles and joint, oil of choice for daily massage, good for babies massage also.

 * It improves memory and intelligence. It calm nervous system, helps in stress and depression. 

* Helps in weight loss and helps in maintaining cholesterol level.

 * Til is good for heart. It prevents hypertension. 

How to use Til? 

Til seeds can be eaten in form of ladoos, gajak, add it in vegetables or khichdi. It's oil can be used in cooking, for daily massage, oil pulling, as nasal drops and  ear drops. Til oil used for head massage relieves headache and helps in sound sleep. 

Any side effects of til?

Person with extreme body heat should avoid it.