Ayurveda has a very effective and easy treatment for anorectal disorders without any complications. Ayurveda texts explain about Arshas (Piles), Bhagandara (Fistula) etc. It is explained as that which troubles the person like an enemy. The causes are like sitting in the same position for a long time, a lot of travelling, cycle riding, constipation, heavy and spicy food etc.

Many Acharyas like Charaka, Susrutha have explained the treatment anorectal disorders.

1. Aushadha (Medicines)

2. Shastra (Surgery)

3. Kshara (Alkali), Agnikarma (Cautery)

Here it is explained how the treatment is done by Kshara.

What is Ksharasutra?

It is a thread prepared by medicines. Apamarga kshara, Snuhi ksheera and haridra, at last, will be applied to a surgical thread No. 21, dried in kshara sutra cabin and then stored in an airtight container. 

  • In case of piles, this thread will be tied to the mass by doing a small procedure of ligation. This thread along with pile mass will fall off within 6-8 days and there will not be any bleeding and the person can do his daily routine and no need of rest.There will not be any relapse after ksharasutra treatment.
  • In case of fistula, Probe will be introduced in the fistula tract after knowing the complete tract kshara sutra will be ligated.This ksharasutra has to be changed once a week.No. of sitting to change the ksharasutra depends on the length of the tract.

How to treat with Medicines?

Digestive Agni plays an important role in Arsha roga. The medicines which increase the Agni of the patient will help to cure the disease.

People have to follow a healthy lifestyle to be away from all the disease. The patient should consume Takra (buttermilk), vegetables, Light food, boiled water, green leafy vegetables, exercise etc.