"Rasayana" comprise of two words "Rasa" and "Ayana". "Rasa" implies embodiment of something. Anything indigested into the body as food or pharmaceutical initially is incorporated into Rasa Dhatu; the fundamental plasma tissue. Ayana is the technique by which "Rasa" is conveyed to all body tissues for biochemical transformation. So "Rasayana" implies what decimates the maturity and sickness through the preservation, change and renewal of vitality. This revival treatment involves a remarkable position in study of Ayurveda. It keeps the body youthful and lithe even after one has passed his or her childhood. 

What is Rasayana?

Admission of Anti Aging Herbs (that are Rasayana in Ayurveda) In Ayurveda hostile to maturing can likewise be comprehended as far as RASAYANAA: and it is said in Ayurveda that what makes new again or reestablishes ones young condition of physical and psychological wellness and also grow our condition of bliss. 

The word Rasayanaa, i.e. rasa + ayana alludes to food and its transportation in the body. Such a condition of enhanced nourishment is asserted to prompt a progression of auxiliary properties like aversion of maturing and life span, resistance against maladies, mental skill and expanded imperativeness of the body. 'Rasa', the exacting importance of Rasa is the substance of our food after absorption, first Rasa Dhatu (Chyle) shapes, Ayan implies way or way. Accordingly, just the element which increment Rasa Dhatu and sustains all the seven Dhatus is called Rasayana. Along these lines, in helpful process Rasa is worried with the protection, change, and renewal of vitality. 

Rasa sustains our body, supports invulnerability and keeps the body and psyche in the best of wellbeing. Aversion and administration of these medical issues could help the elderly to enhance personal satisfaction and stay self –dependent for their every day exercises to most extreme conceivable degree. Ayurveda has an engaged branch called Rasayana (rejuvenation) which manages the issues identified with maturing and strategies to counter the same. 

Rasayana treatment gives higher imperviousness to infections, brings serenity, de-push the psyche calming it from uneasiness, sadness and stress related issues. 

Different advantages of Rasayana treatment are:-

1.Long Life 

2.Increase memory.

3.Good well-being. 

4.Young looks.

 5.Glowing skin.


7.Resistance to infections.

 As we as a whole know the Rasayana treatment being a piece of Ayurveda is absolutely a Herbal Treatment and along these lines can without much of a stretch be suggested for pregnant ladies, kids, elderly or the individuals who are incapacitated, anorexic, convalescents, for pallor and Vata conditions.

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