To Help yourself, Be curious about AYURVEDA....

1.Kuthuhali: Does Ayurveda = Massage / Spa?

   Vaidya        : (Smiles) No, Ayurveda is not Massage or Spa. Ayurveda is The Ocean of Knowledge about                                   Health.

2.Kuthuhali: What can i expect from an Ayurvedic doctor?


                          AATHURASYA VIKARA PRASHAMANA

                          They will guide you how to protect your health and how to get cure for your illness.

3.Kuthuhali: People are getting so many diseases in young age. Can we protect ourselves from these?

    Vaidya       : Yes. Ayurveda elaborately explains Daily regimen under "Dinacharya" and Seasonal regimen                             under "Ritucharya". You will know.. 

                               *How to protect, enhance and promote health.

                               *How to stay young for long term and increase your healthy life span.

                               * What food should be taken, its quantity, time of consumption.

                           It especially explains which are the activities in people leads to diseases, so it should be                                      avoided. 

Note: *Kuthuhali- The curious person  *Vaidya- Ayurvedic doctor                    Curiosity...To Be Continued... ..